andreOn Sunday mornings starting at 10:30am (since 22nd March 2020), we will be live-streaming Bible teaching and prayer via YouTube. Join André Beck on his YouTube channel here (and click on the currrent Sunday morning live service):

Make yourself comfortable at your computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs before we start at 10:30am if you would like to. 

Although it isn’t the same as gathering together in person, it is the best we can do at the moment during the coronavirus Co-vid 19 outbreak, to gather together online, at the same time, every Lord’s Day. There is something special about the thought that families and individuals across Bethesda will be "tuned in" to hear the Good News together and pray for each other.

We will also be able to communicate with each other through the live chat room on the YouTube channel. Please note that in order to participate in the online chat, you will need to make sure you are logged in to your Google account. 

We will be continuing in Luke’s gospel. The passage for 22nd March is Luke 22: 39-71, if you would like to read it before we start. We will also carry on with the New City Catechism, so families might like to consider doing an activity or craft based on the catechism. For example, the Becks are playing “10 Commandment Tenpin Bowling”. You number 10 bottles with numbers. Take it in turn bowling and name the commandments of the pins you knock down (or are left standing, whatever work best!). Points are awarded for every correct answer given.