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Dear Bethesda church family

The latest advice from the government and from the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is that all churches should cancel all of their meetings for the foreseeable future. You can read the statement from the FIEC by clicking the link below…

  1. We feel that it would be unwise to ignore this advice and therefore have decided to temporarily cancel all church meetings with immediate effect. This will last a minimum of four weeks but will likely last longer. We will review the situation every month and keep you updated. The good news is that there are things we can do to stay connected to God and to each other. For example…
  2. Every Sunday at 10:30 and we will "live stream" Bible teaching and prayer online via YouTube. The catechism and the series on Luke will continue. Specific instructions on how to join the live stream will follow. The teaching will also be recorded and uploaded to the website as per usual.
  3. Some of our planned events will continue via the same form of media. For example, the "Grill a Christian" event will continue via an interactive livestream. Some of our Easter events such as the Tenebrae may be possible this way as well.
  4. We will continue to encourage prayer for each other and to keep updating you with the prayer needs of the fellowship via email. We will also keep our website and Facebook page updated with any new developments.
  5. While our Home Groups (HG’s) will not meet together over the coming weeks, we would encourage HG’s to keep in contact with each other via telephone, text and email. If you are not part of a HG then you will not be forgotten and will be "assigned" to a group in order to make sure that you can both care for others and be cared for. Obviously you do not need to limit communication to your HG but this will help us to keep people from being left out. Your home group leaders will be in regular contact via telephone.
  6. Please do also take the time to consider how you may love your neighbours practically during the present time, especially those who are vulnerable and may be in particular need of help.
  7. To further maintain our spiritual unity we’d like to suggest that we all take time every day to reflect on a daily Psalm. This can be done as individuals, as families, or even over the phone with a friend in order to fix our eyes on the Sovereign Lord. We suggest beginning with Psalm 1 on Monday 23rd March.
  8. Finally, remember that God is good and sovereign and that this too shall pass. After this is all behind us we will gather together again to worship God, eat the Lord’s Supper and enjoy fellowship with each other.

Yours in Christ

The elders.

Government guidelines can be found here:

UK government response

NHS UK information

Originally published Saturday 14th March 2020, 08:26am

Updated with new advice Wednesday 18th March 2020, 08:01am

Updated with YouTube livestream link Saturday 21st March 2020, 10:52pm